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Wednesday’s Quote and Inspiration ~ Enough is Enough

I’m traveling my own journey these days and it’s time to take stock and begin again.  That’s why I chose this quote today. Won’t you come along for the ride!

Wednesday’s Quote
“The secret to life is to know when enough is enough.” ~Dr. Vincent Ryan

While every single  moment is a “new beginning,” life is a one-way journey. One way in the fact, you cannot get the time back. This said… I believe it is a gift to know when enough is enough and when it is time to re-evaluate, make changes and begin again! It really would be a sin to trash the “gift of love and life God has entrusted to you!” Don’t ya think?

Perhaps it is because Rosh Hashanah — the Jewish New Year — begins  in about six weeks, that I feel compelled to re-evaluate my life, repent and ask forgiveness for my misdeeds and start fresh.  This exercise can be done by anyone, of any faith ~ after all, we all travel the same road of life – even though our destinations are different!

When we think of misdeeds and offenses we usually think  of committing them against another, however…  Last year, when re-evaluating I noticed that most of my misdeeds were committed against myself and I did this exercise in order to be able to “forgive myself!”


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  Please type them in the Comments Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

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