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Healthcare Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Step 4 – The date, signature and printed name of the employee are required at the bottom of the form. Step 2 – The date on which the contract is concluded can be indicated first. The name of the health facility and the name of the employee are also required. The HIPC Staff Trust Agreement is a form used to ensure that a staff member of a health organisation (or other organisation with access to medical records) respects the confidentiality of the personal data to which they have access through their links with the organisation. The Data Protection Act of 1996 of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires that covered companies that have access to the individual`s protected health information (PHI) respect the confidentiality of sensitive personal and medical information. The purpose of the rule is to ensure that medical information remains protected while allowing the flow of information necessary to provide maximum healthcare. . . .

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