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CanvaKala WordPress Plugin – Photoshop Like Effects Right Inside Your WordPress Blog

CanvaKala the NEW WordPress Plugin that will allow you to have Photoshop-like effects right inside your WordPress Blog – AND have LAYERS TOO!!!  Layers in WordPress, OMG!!!

PLUS:  22 bonuses from me (WILL BE ADDED in your JVZoo member area.
These have not been added yet, so contact me if they are not there when you buy!

CanvaKala’s features include:

– Add to any WP Site in 30 seconds
– Finds 2 Million+ Images – Instantly for your use.
– Adds a Full Photoshop like Editor to your site.
– Apply Instagram like Filters to all your images – in 1 Click.
– Adds 100+ Special Effects and Google WebFonts
– Create & Edit Unlimited Images – with LAYERS Support
– Newbie Friendly, Fully Tested – No tech skills needed.
– Every WordPress Site on the planet needs this…

Check it out and get it here: http://rozfruchtman.com/CanvaKala

DOORS OPEN AT 9am EST on 15th Aug

You’ll NEVER have to spend more than 5 seconds finding Images or Fire up a Photo-Editing Software ever again while creating your blog posts/content…

(Ok, that is what they are saying, if you are anything like me/Roz, it may take you a little longer to pick out just the perfect image for YOUR blog post or other image content.  But that’s a personal choice! The CanvaKala WordPress Plugin WILL CERTAINLY help make YOUR LIFE so much simpler.  I use Photoshop daily, and sometimes it would be great to just be able to whip up an image quickly! ;)

Check it out and get it here: http://rozfruchtman.com/CanvaKala

Thanks for reading.

Roz Fruchtman @PhotoshopHaven