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Roz Rambles: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

The quotes I chose or write are inspired by life in general, lots of times my own.  I never consider myself to be unique in my feelings, so I figure… “If I am feeling a certain way, so are others, they just might not be as vocal about it!”


When I grew up we kept our feelings to ourselves.  Everything was hidden behind closed doors which really made things worse as we truly did feel alone ~ or worse yet, thought “this was our lot in life!”


In today’s age, most are willing to share the good with the bad and others of us are feeling that we “really were not unique” in how we were either encouraged, discouraged or abused growing up.  Verbal abuse is abuse too and carries worse scars.


It is NEVER too late to start new!  Tomorrow is as close as the next second when you DECIDE!


Tony Robbins says:  “If you learned from your mistakes you did NOT fail!” True failure is giving up!  Being flexible and refocusing is NOT giving up!


I say:   “Challenges are life’s stepping stones to success. ~Roz Fruchtman”


It is said: “Give What You Need and It Will Come Back to You Many Times Over”  ~ not necessarily from the person you give to! No matter what… it feels good to give and I hope that someone will find encouragement and hope through my sharing!  On the other hand it feels good to receive and know that someone cares and we ARE NOT alone!


No matter what… “We are ALL people first!”  As we’ve seen many times over…  those with the most money are not always the happiest and too many have gone to early graves because of their unhappiness!


Please share your comments in the Comment Box below.  I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “society of inspiration!”

Have a good day!


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Luv & Hugs,

Roz Fruchtman