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Be Thankful – A Poem And Instant Mood Elevator

This post was originally published October 28, 2011.  However, Gratitude NEVER gets old! ;)

I created this video last year for a class I took with Bob The Teacher aka Bob Jenkins ~ Simple Video Velocity 3, the virtual class.

I took the long/wrong way around to create this, but it was a lesson well learned.  Nonetheless…  the result is one that all of us need to consider from time to time, especially with all the noise these days!

Please do take a few moments (it is NOT long) and have a look see.  For me… It speaks volumes and is an instant mood elevator and thought provoker…

I hope this video brings you the same joy and peace it brings me each time I see/read the poem, in whatever format it might appear.

Would love to hear your thoughts.  Please share your comments in the Comments area below!

Love and Hugs,

Roz Fruchtman

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