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Roz Asks: Do You Wash Your Paper Plates? IF You Do, Does It Make You Feel Stingy?

Updated: 10/28/2010

I’m struggling lately making some life changing decisions.  I know what I don’t want, but I’m having trouble implementing what I do want, in fact I’m not sure anymore what that really is.  There are some things that must be removed from my life in order to clear the way for the new!

My point…  My attitude is being affected by finances.  I’m far from crying poverty with all the hurt out there.  I’m a lot better off than many, so I do my best to always look on the bright side of things:  “Like saying, it could have been worse IF this or that happened, etc., you know what I mean!”

Getting back to the paper plate issue.

I should have said:  “Do you RINSE your paper plates?”  It would be ludicrous to wash your paper plates with dish detergent, when you can use a regular plate and do the same  action and SAVE money, cause you could wash the SAME plate over and over and over UNLESS you dropped it and it broke!

When I wrote the earlier post below I had a lapse and was confusing being economical with being cheap or stingy.  It’s a mind set issue, but I’m seeing the light.

Just wanted to share!

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— Original Post 10/16/2010 —

I’m really curious…
Do You Wash Your Paper Plates?

In today’s economy most of us are doing things we might not have done before or even thought of doing until now?  I often wonder if it age, or is it the economy or am I becoming more frugal or worse yet stingy and cheap.  No one wants to consider themselves a tightwad. ;)

Lately I’ve been asking friends and relatives this question:  “Do you wash your paper plates?”

To clarify, I am talking about the “heavier” paper plates, the ones with a coating on them, the ones that will hold moisture ~ the real thin paper plates go in the trash first time out!

To my surprise…  everyone I asked said yes… they will rinse off a paper plate that is pretty clean except for a spot or a few crumbs.

What was more interesting after I realized I was not being cheap, were the various reasons people were washing their paper plates.

  • to save money of course
  • to save the environment
  • less paper or Styrofoam in the landfills
  • less dishes to wash

SOOOOOOOO… “DO YOU wash your paper plates and if so, what are YOUR reasons?


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  Please type them in the Comments Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

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Roz Fruchtman

October 16, 2010   Comments Off on Roz Asks: Do You Wash Your Paper Plates? IF You Do, Does It Make You Feel Stingy?