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Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life – Here’s to a New Year, New Me, New You, New US ~Welcome to 2014!


Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2014!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!  How many times I’ve said that in the past decades.  I get a sick feeling each time I remember all the wasted time.  Realistically all that so-called wasted time brought me to the person I am today.  All that wasted time guided me to learn how to make right decisions and ultimately to embracing a healthy attitude toward what success REALLY is as opposed to what failure REALLY is.  REAL success has NOTHING to do with money!

With all the hoopla of a new year and grand expectations I will admit I haven’t made any formal resolutions ~YET.  What I know is, I was NOT happy with the way things were and to me, it’s common sense to change them!  I DO have one or two things — maybe three —  that I WANT to achieve in the first quarter of 2013.  It’s not only a want, but a MUST!  The point is, I WANT the outcome of these things and I believe THAT wanting will be the GRAND motivator this time around.

In the past I’ve self sabotaged with so many plans it was absolutely impossible to achieve them. Last year I was burnt out multiple times and I’m still not where I want to be, but I’ve made hard decisions and changed my attitude toward those things that were crippling me for so long.

Why should you care?  Better yet… Why am I sharing this with you.  Well, I feel by me sharing, I might be able to inspire you to look forward with new eyes and a new attitude.  The most important thing I learned last year was that my failures were a thing, they were NOT me.  In other words if my dream or business failed, “I WAS NOT a failure!”  Until that point I was UNABLE to separate myself from the things I did or wanted to do.  Once I was able to make that separation, things began to move in a completely different direction, one that was positive and filled with joy.

Today really is the first day of the rest of my life, AND yours too!  WE CAN make a decision to change focus at ANY time, it does NOT have to be the beginning of any year.  It can happen in a split second! NOW or at ANY time!!!

In closing I’d like to encourage you to take some quiet time and THINK about the things YOU want to do, write them down.  THEN… DECIDE and list the actions necessary to achieve your desires and goals.  IF they don’t work, try something else.  IF that does not work, try something else.  Continue UNTIL you reach the YOUR desired outcome! NEVER NEVER NEVER give up, make adjustments and continue on!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.  Please share them in the Comment Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

Have a great day!

Luv & Hugs,

Roz Fruchtman


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1 Denys Kelley { 01.02.13 at 11:08 am }

Happy 2013 to you!
One day at a time- Yes we can make wonderful things happen – when we put our minds to it!
Denys Kelley recently posted…It’s a New Year- let’s break it downMy Profile

2 Helena Zwarts { 01.02.13 at 2:30 pm }

Excellent article – I don’t want to say article because it is so personal! Especially this part ” The most important thing I learned last year was that my failures were a thing, they were NOT me.” Once I got my head around this the world opened up in front of me!
Thank you for sharing and have an amazing 2013 journey!
Helena Zwarts recently posted…A Business Mentor Is a Perfect Guide to SuccessMy Profile

3 Roz Fruchtman { 01.02.13 at 5:58 pm }

Hi Denys:

Happy New Year to you as well! It really does feel different this year!

I’d like to think I made all the mistakes and now I know it all, but nothing could be further from the truth. I am more focused now as the outcome has become more important to me than the blocks!

As well, I’ve finally made up my mind to what I am and am not willing to do anymore. That a biggie!

The reason I shared as I did was because most feel great guilt, and guilt is a killer. It’s best to consider everything a learning experience and move on from there!

Take care and thanks for commenting!


4 Roz Fruchtman { 01.04.13 at 9:36 am }

Hi Debbie:

Thanks for coming over, reading and commenting.

Yes, growth is a double-edge sword, but it’s so worth the outcome!

If we keep in mind: If one thing does not work, to refocus and try something else and if that does not work, to rinse and repeat — do it again — I believe half the battle is won! I have a long way to go, but I CAN see GREAT growth!

REMEMBER… EVERY successful person had their ups and downs. I CAN relate better to those who share. They give the rest of us hope and courage to keep going. (That’s the good part of social media… people are more open and authentic!” People are realizing it’s NOT a disgrace to fail – especially as we fail forward and learn!)

My secret ammunition is: “When I get really down I listen to some of my spiritual CDs or listen to a spiritual audio book ~look to a higher power. Eventually it works, sometimes sooner than others! But for me it’s a place to regain my footing when I fall or feel like I’m about to! I’ve learned that I can’t depend on others to fix me, I have to find a way to do it myself! It’s not always easy but as we grow, it DOES get easier!

Looking forward to US growing together!



5 Sherie Smith { 01.04.13 at 12:42 pm }

Hey Roz, insightful… inspiring… definitely courageous… “spot on”… wonderful article that obviously speaks directly to each of us reading this, as you can tell. “NEVER NEVER NEVER give up, MAKE ADJUSTMENTS and continue on!” There would be fewer breakdowns and suicides if people REALLY grasped this idea. So we didn’t get it right yesterday? Make adjustments (like you said) and we continue on. How cool is it that we get a “DO-OVER” every single day!!! Remember that old saying, “What would you try if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?” Life is the same – every day we get another blank slate so why not go for the gusto and set our sights for something really bold in 2013!!! (Loved the article, thanks so much for sharing those private thoughts with us!)
Sherie Smith recently posted…Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Change Your FutureMy Profile

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