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A Lesson Learned – Do What Makes You Feel Good, Others Have No Place In The Equation Of You And Your Joy

A Lesson Learned – Do What Makes You Feel Good, Others Have No Place In The Equation Of You And Your Joy

Confession Time — I work VERY hard at keeping myself positive, joyful, motivated and inspired!  I make a conscious effort to look for things to prop me up, things that I can do for myself.

I’ve learned from experience… looking to others, or an event to happen… For one’s joy is a mistake and a disappointment waiting to happen.  Others can’t fix us, we need to fix ourselves!  We need to be our own cheerleaders!

Some years ago… I started to write a quote of the day.  Some of the quotes were by others and some were my own.  Those that were my own, were inspired by my daily life experiences at that time. This was to demonstrate lessons I learned and to inspire and motivate me and keep me as positive and joyful as I could be.  To add more value… I shared my personal comments and feelings on the subject.

While we are all unique and have our own special gifts and talents… There are some things about us that are not unique and are shared by others — feelings is one of them.  Therefore, I had hoped the quotes would inspire others as well, however, they received little attention.

After awhile I got discouraged and stopped writing the quotes. But… Something VERY odd happened! I began to notice an emptiness from within.  Oddly enough the quotes were like therapy and gave me a voice to share my thoughts and feelings.  The quotes kept me inspired! Imagine that… My own words inspired me. I was floored… The first time that happen, to say the least!

Sometimes we do things for the wrong reasons.  Our allegiance must be to ourselves first.  We need to do things that make us feel good, that inspire and motivate us, that bring us joy.  Expecting others to make us feel good or acknowledge our efforts is a mistake and disappointment waiting to happen.  I knew all this, but like you, I am a human being and sometimes we all need a little outside encouragement… WRONG!!! DO IT FOR YOURSELF!!!!

Find things that will prop you up, make you feel good about yourself, inspire you to move you toward fulfilling your dreams while filling you up so that you will have more to share with others.  REMEMBER:  We are all people first!


I am a fan of Joyce Meyer.  Joyce’s teachings are non-denominational and can apply to everyone.  Some  years ago she wrote a book which I keep by my bedside — A review is below:


What makes “100 Ways To Simplify Your Life” unique for me, is… The book will not only simplify your life, but will bring you peace and guide you to make your own decisions. Each of the 100 ways can be read alone, independent of each other!  The review will share a little game I play with it!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. I am on social under the profile of @RozSpirations. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

Have a good day!


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