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Roz Shares – I Could Have Died Last Night ~ FOR REAL!

I am so grateful to be alive.  I could have died last night OR worse yet could have caused a fire…

I NEVER go near my bed when cooking, but last night I had the last 30 minutes to finish my turkey roast and decided to watch a little TV relaxing with my feet up.

With cooking timer in hand, I headed for the bedroom TV. I put the timer on the edge of my night table and put my feet up.

Lo and behold I awoke a few hours later  and remembered my turkey roast. I thought I had turned it off, and that it needed to be put in the fridge, but was amazed it was STILL baking. You see there was no smoke or any clue it was still cooking. The fire detector did NOT go off, cause there was NO SMOKE! I’ll be testing that in a while… I don’t want to wake up the building. I did get on a chair and push the button and it did go off… but then again there was ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKE to set it off ~I guess nothing burned except the turkey roast. That’s IS interesting!

My poor turkey roast was burnt to a crisp. I know I should have taken a picture. It’s in the trash.  I do not find this a social media event, I take it as a MESSAGE FROM GOD to wake up and smell the flowers or is it coffee. NOTHING else really matters anyway! Dead is Dead!!!

I guess there is something to be said for cooking/baking in TeFal. My baking pan still seems usable.  It’s soaking in the sink right now, but I was able to easily scrape the burnt pepper and onions from the bottom. Amazing to say the least.  I guess the water in the pan, plus peppers and onion might have helped. 

Also I was baking in a 40-year old oven that is no where as hot as a new one. Whatever, things could have turned out a lot differently.

My eyes are burning, but I feel fine ~a little amazed that this happened in the first place as I AM VERY careful ~to a fault, always checking to make sure that everything is turned off! Right now… I am in my bedroom with the door closed, the windows open and the fan and air conditioning all going at the same time.  The house is not smokey, but a bit stuffy ~perhaps because the air was off.


NOTHING IS AS IMPORTANT as our lives, our health and our well being. All the other crap is just that… noise in the atmosphere. We get ONLY ONE chance to get this right!

Life is full of inconveniences. It is just the way it is! My problems are real, but nowhere as serious as many others in today’s world. I’m alive and relatively healthy, what else is there! Money comes and goes and can be made and lost a million times over, but in the natural… life cannot be recreated from death!

Oddly…  both my parents died in July. My mother died at the age of 66 ~just the age I am now!


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