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Roz Says… I’m Back!

I’ve not written for the last few months.  It’s been a journey and to be honest it was much too painful to share UNTIL I got my thoughts to where I could write from peace and NOT from anger!  Sometimes it’s like that, but luckily NOT too often! 2010 was a year of HUGE personal growth and decision.

While 2011 looked bright and shiny and felt like the year of rebirth, life took a turn and I was ill for the first two months.  I’m on the road to recovery in body and spirit with new ideas and goals from what I learned during this time!


I truly belief that God sometimes puts us in situations so we can learn and walk in other’s shoes ~hopefully on a temporary basis!  This happened to me back in 2006 when I had a sudden retina detachment.  The recovery period allowed me to see how some who are visually impaired live on a daily basis and how they are treated.  This made me more considerate, compassionate and helpful.


This time, it was dealing with the uncertainty of what was happening to me physically and the reality of how fragile life really is ~and that it could end at any time! I knew this… however, this stuff happened suddenly and I got to experience “up close and personal” just how quickly things can change.

I learned in a hurry, how to appreciate life more and realize what is really important.  Furthermore I vowed to ALWAYS put myself first as far as my health and well being ~both physically and spiritually!  I’m believing in 100% recovery, but I did not always feel that way!  I’ll do my best to use the fear I felt to keep me on my toes!

Stay tuned… I’m hoping my journey will help others!


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