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Saturday’s Quote – Protect Your Joy at ALL Costs

I believe we can all relate to today’s quote.  I’m going to call this one a “Roz-ism” because it’s one I live moment to moment, day by day —  because… “The Joy Thieves” are out there waiting to strike at any second! ;)
             I met three of these “Joy Thieves” yesterday when I was attempting to straighten out some health insurance issues.  Two hung up on me and the third was out and out uncaring and nasty — all because of a perscription supposedly not being covered by Medicare! [At one time I would have allowed this behavior to upset me and spoil my entire weekend, after a few moments I took a deep breath, thought of possible alternatives and moved on.  This new behavior is HUGE for me – how about you?]

Saturday’s  Quote

“Allowing ANYone to steal your JOY is giving them license to steal your LIFE!  Time is the one gift that is irreplaceable!” ~Roz Fruchtman

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