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Roz Says – I Am So Angry At Myself

Why am I angry?  Because I’ve taken this long to sit down, write and start sharing.  Who knows, I might have helped – I’m more comfortable with inspired or encouraged – you or someone else reading this blog.  If nothing else, none of us is alone in this world, especially with the Internet and Social Networking at our fingertips.

Self anger can be debilitating. Ask me how I know? ;)

On the other hand, self anger can be the most powerful and motivating force for lighting a fire beneath our little fannies — IF we know how to use it, and/or get it ignited.

I set this blog up sometime within the last 6 to 9 months to share, inspire, encourage, hopefully help and educate others — if for no other reason, to prove we  are NOT alone in our fears, anxieties and successes.

We all stumble along the way and get stuck — some just never share that side of themselves.  Thank God my getting stuck is not as often and does not last as long as it used to.  Why? Because I learned how to kick it to the curb and move on! 

Finding what works for you is the key.  For me, it is to fill my soul and joy tank with spiritual juice!  It might be something else for you. Perhaps you like to throw your favorite CD in the CD Player and turn up the speakers and Rock On! Perhaps you like to take long walks or grab your camera and shoot some of nature’s beauty. 

Actually I like all of the above, but the spiritual one has the greatest kick as it reminds me what my true passion is and that “I ‘CAN’ DO IT,” ~ perhaps with a bit more flexibility and persistence or a complete re-write!

The poor me attitude has been gone forever – since I developed an “attitude of gratitude” after taking a real good look at all the blessings I had and those available to me – just for the taking. After all:

“I am here, I am relatively healthy, I can still see (after multiple eye surgeries), I have a computer, I have Internet access, I have a good mind, I can type and I am writing this JUST FOR YOU!”  I’d say… That’s a good start! 

As an aside: 
Let me not forget to acknowledge those wonderful souls I’ve met online and bonded with along the way, without them… well I don’t want to think of what life would be like without them!

Stay tuned for more…

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