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This Agreement Is Made On The Date Specified Below

(a) a Party that is unable to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement shall inform the other Party, within ___ working days, of the situation and termination of circumstances preventing that first Party from fulfilling its obligations; or (a) all disputes and controversies arising from the performance of this Agreement shall be resolved, where possible, by negotiations between the Parties; or (d) in the event of the making available or making available of a substantial part of this Agreement for a period of z.B thirty (30) days, any interested party shall be entitled to denounce this Agreement by announcing it to another Party. Neither party shall be liable for delay, damage or other termination under this Article ___. If any provision of this Agreement should .B. in contradiction with Ukrainian law, the Agreement shall not be applied in that section. (e) The agreement shall be drawn up in four copies in the Ukrainian language, kept by each of the parties. all copies are equally important; or (b) this Agreement is entered into, for example. B on January 12, 2005, by and between Part 1 and Part 2; or (c) Part 1(z.B. and Part 2 undertakes to perform the work at the quality level. Above/Here/Dortan/Above/To this end/With the/the/in this regard/To this end/With due respect, Part 1 undertakes to do its best/to do its best within the limits of the legislation or law in force; ou IN WITNESS of which the Parties have signed and sealed this agreement as a deed but notdelivered until dating it. References to a law shall be construed as references to such a law, as amended or amended by another law (before or after the date of this Agreement) and include all provisions of which they are replicas (with or without amendment) and include subordinate laws adopted in accordance with the relevant/appropriate/appropriate/regular/regular law; any subsequent modification, modification or modification of this Agreement shall be reflected in the Annexes to this Agreement, which shall be executed by both Parties; Nothing in this Agreement may be modified, modified or rescinded, for example.B . . .

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