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Agreement On Accession

By derogation from Articles 1 to 6 of regulation (EU) 492/2011 and until the end of the two-year period following the accession date, the current Member States will apply national measures or measures arising from bilateral agreements to regulate croatian nationals` access to their labour markets. Current Member States can continue these measures until the end of the five-year period following the accession date. Where transitional measures are needed to facilitate the transition from the existing regime in Croatia to those resulting from the application of EU legislation on veterinary, plant health and food safety, these measures are adopted by the Commission in accordance with the applicable procedure established by the applicable legislation. These measures are agreed within three years of the date of accession and their application is limited to that period. Any phytopharmaceutical product protected by a valid basic patent for which the first authorization to market as a phytopharmaceutical product was issued after 1 January 2003 may be issued in Croatia, provided that the certificate application is submitted within six months of the date of accession.” Some non-preferential agreements concluded by the Union that remain in force after accession may be adapted or adapted to take account of the enlargement of the Union. These adaptations or adaptations are negotiated by the Union in cooperation with Croatia`s representatives, in accordance with the procedure covered in point 12. 1. The provisions of the Schengen acquis within the meaning of the Schengen Acquis Protocol contained in the framework of the European Union (hereafter referred to as the `Schengen Protocol`) in the annex of the TUE and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, as well as acts relating to him or other means listed in Appendix II, as well as any other act adopted before the accession date, are binding and applicable to Croatia from the date of accession. Croatian nationals who work legally in a Member State at the time of accession or during the application of national measures and who have been admitted to the labour market of that Member State for a period of less than twelve months do not benefit from the rights covered in the second and third paragraphs. As an integral part of its monitoring tables and periodic reports, the Commission will carry out semi-annual assessments of Croatia`s commitments in these areas up to Croatia`s accession. If, after Croatia`s ratification of the accession treaty, representatives of the governments of the Member States agreed to amend the initial treaties in accordance with Article 48, paragraph 4, of the Tue and these amendments did not come into force on the date of accession, Croatia ratifies these amendments in accordance with its constitutional requirements. Food from facilities covered in paragraph 1 bears a different health or labelling mark than article 5 of regulation (EC) 853/2004. A clear description of the various health or labelling signs is sent to the Commission no later than one year before the accession date.

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