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Roz Shares – How Everything Counts

UPDATED: August 23, 2021

This post was originally published in 2012, and an earlier one before that.
It’s message IS THAT IMPORTANT, I wanted to update it, and republish with a more current date!

Through the years the theory “of Everything Counting” is as true today as it was then.

Furthermore, these two small words changed my life and motivated me to begin projects knowing I could not finish them in one sitting ~ something I’m not proud to admit ~ because I would NEVER have done it before.

Consider this:

You need to clean up a room, clean out a closet, re-arrange a bookcase or perhaps paint your entire apartment or house.  In business it might be you want to re-do your website, create a new blog, install a shopping cart, do some filing, etc.  Whatever… you’ve been putting it off because you do not have a lot of time, so you say: “I’ll attack this project when I get more time” ~ or worse yet… “someday when I have more time!”  I am smiling as I write this – Can you see me? – I hope you are smiling too, because…

If you are like me, “someday” may never happen and the job grows monumentally in size and stress by the the time you do have the time.  Sometimes a large chunk of time, just never comes and the project never gets started.  It becomes a distant memory – worse yet an “accusing reminder” of the project that never was ~The opportunity that never came to fruition.

NOW… Consider this scenario:

You do a little today, maybe another chunk tomorrow and then more the next day or next week.  The point here is to get started!  One action — no matter how small — builds on the other and eventually the project gets done. NOTHING… “did you hear me”… NOTHING is too small, because EVERYTHING COUNTS!

This blog post was inspired by a sales training call years ago with my mentor Eric Lofholm.  Eric shared the now familiar theory that Everything Counts!”

On a personal note: 

Years later, I can still hear Eric Lofholm’s words ringing in my ears, each time I start a new project, a project I might not have started otherwise. It never occurred to me, that “everything really does count” towards achieving my goal to creating or painting if you will, the bigger picture. Even throwing out a piece of paper, one piece of junk mail, or even washing one cup counts. CONSIDER THIS: Those things (the one piece of paper, the one piece of junk mail, or even the one cup) WILL NOT be there — to do — the next time!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  Please type them in the Comments Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

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Luv & Hugs,

Roz Fruchtman

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1 Mari-lyn { 08.09.10 at 12:59 am }

Roz, it’s so true that everything counts..whether you are aiming for a goal or you just want to de-clutter. It’s and action steps that we take.

2 Faith Barnard { 08.09.10 at 9:41 am }

Roz, Fabulous post. You hit it out of the ball park on this one. So relevant and something we can all apply to our lives right now. I so appreciate reading this chunk it down tip for getting our big projects done.
One tip. Add Commentluv plugin to your site. It will encourage consistent commenting by featuring the bloggers last blog post.

You will start building up back links which will increase your page views and traffic.

Look forward to your upcoming posts.


3 Roz Fruchtman { 08.09.10 at 1:52 pm }

When I wrote this blog post last night I wrote it as a “tool to help us begin taking action no matter how large the job is – how “everything counts” toward the big outcome (the conclusion). But…

today I received a completely unrelated email that has put a new spin on how “everything counts!” I have to give this some thought as the email was negative and I’m trying to figure out how I can use the content as motivation for good!

I’ll stop here, before I write my new blog post in the comment box! ;)

Much Luv & HUGE Hugs to you for taking the time for reading this!

Life is truly a stage and if we keep aware, we can be the producer’s of its outcome or more accurately those things we DO have control over!


4 Larry Pollock { 08.09.10 at 9:32 pm }

It reminds me of a story: An Business Man visiting another Business Man’s office noticed how clean it was, no stacks of paper in the inbox or all over the desk. He asked him way it was that way. The other Business Man said: “I have a rule: when something comes in I have 3 options only, Deal with it, file it or throw it away.” I think I need to adopt that more in my life.

5 Lee Wise { 08.09.10 at 11:28 pm }

I would probably say that good, positive actions and attitudes “count.”

And, honestly, I would also say that some things count “for the bad.”

I know you are centering on the positive and driving home the reality (at least this is how I read it), is that…

“Some action
is better than no action,
when some action needs to be taken.”

And in that regard, I’ve always appreciated Mike Litman’s statement: “You don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it goin'”

That statement alone has prompted me to action I don’t know how many times over the years.

Thanks for sharing and for prompting us to place value on what we do and see that in a variety of areas it all counts in one way or another!

Enjoy the evening,

P.S. Hope this makes sense. A bit on the tired side right now :)

6 Tracey Rissik { 08.10.10 at 3:45 am }

Hi Roz,
Very good post – thanks! It’s a good way to stave off procrastination, which is something I fall prey to too often :(
I did this “baby steps” thing a few months ago, starting to re-paint a large part of my home – and by doing just a wall at a time, I eventually got it done without too much fuss & it looks lovely.


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