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Meibc Main Agreement Extension

Many of you will have seen propaganda sent by SEIFSA (below) regarding the acceptance of its agreement with the unions. It is regrettable (but not surprising) that SEIFSA once again addresses the truth in an extremely liberal way in this circular. With respect to Sections 31 and 32 of the LRA, the agreement must be adopted as an agreement of a negotiating council in order to allow for the extension of an agreement. At the Manco on 1 September 2020, SEIFSA and the trade unions proposed to formally adopt their agreement as a MEIBC agreement. This has not been the case. Indeed, the President of the MEIBC did not even allow the matter to be put to the vote, because the negotiations that preceded the signing of their agreement were not in accordance with the MEIBC Constitution. If you look very closely, you will notice that the letter actually never says that the agreement was adopted as a Council agreement (as I explained, an LRA requirement for prorogation). It says that the parties (i.e. SEIFSA and the trade unions) have accepted their agreement. Of course they have – that`s their agreement! It was “adopted” the minute they agreed! The reason they sent this circular is to give the impression that their agreement has been adopted by the Council (which it has NOT done) and that it can be extended – something that SAEFA and other employers` organisations will not allow. Both agreements have been extended to non-parties and employers are required to contribute under these agreements. We will inform you of all developments related to the extension of the current main agreement until 30 June 26, 2021.

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