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Logistics Outsourcing Agreement

(b) arrange and perform transport services related to the shipment of goods and merchandise to and from any secondary location, but only to the extent expressly requested by the sender for certain shipments. It is understood and agreed that all secondary sites will be primarily served by another logistics service provider or external carrier, which has been agreed directly by the shipper. 6.5 If a party files an application for insolvency, is declared bankrupt or bankrupt, if it uses an assignment to creditors or a transaction under bankruptcy law, the other party may terminate this agreement with an immediate period. 3.1 The carrier shall be compensated on the basis of the provisions, tariffs and charges provided for in the annexed flight plans (Annexes) and shall be inserted therein by reference (including subsequent revisions approved in the manner provided for in the amendments to this Agreement, as set out in point 2.2. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, the provisions, tariffs and charges set out in Appendix D include all costs related to services provided by the carrier, its representatives and subcontractors designated under this Agreement. Inventory losses can be due to paperwork, computer problems, processing errors and theft. Many 3PL stock systems and processes are fully barcoded and are highly accurate. The agreement is expected to provide for a loss of contraction, usually up to 0.5%. This means that the customer absorbs the first 0.5% of the loss and the 3PL costs above 0.5%. This is usually calculated on the basis of an annual schedule based on actual costs. However, the monthly responsibility for the accuracy of stocks, such as for example. B the inventory trajectory of adjustments, allows you to better control inventory losses.

3PL is not responsible for the negligence of customers, agents or shipping companies in the management of inventory. 2.2 The carrier has the right to subcontract to other carriers the transport services it requires, provided that such carrier is reasonably acceptable and qualified for the consignor to provide the necessary transportation services. All subcontractors appointed by the carrier are subject to the conditions set out in this report. Under no circumstances may the carrier assign its transport logistics services, including its services as a transport service provider, to subcontractors. 4.1 The consignor or his duly authorised agents shall offer to the carrier, during the term of this Agreement (number), shipments of products from the principal place and, if circumstances so require due to the special needs of the shipper, as well as part of the shipments from the secondary sites. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the carrier understands that no shipment can be offered to it from the secondary sites. The shipper shall provide other information reasonably required of the carrier in order to enable the carrier to provide services and perform its obligations under this contract. Remember that inventory is one of the biggest book values in retail and e-commerce. Most agreements stipulate that inventory is purchased by the customer for sale to the customer. The customer carries insurance against loss and accident.

The customer also pays for transport directly by the sellers, unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Some agreements have a warehouse link against the inventory of costs incurred in providing services. 3PL may reserve all rights and remedies under applicable law. 3PL also does not assume responsibility for any claims or warranties related to the product….

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