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Krg Collective Agreement

“Collective agreements still need to be signed because some errors were found in the language in the collective agreement that we believe were a union mistake,” Guy Poirier, KRG`s human resources director, told regional councils on September 11. In both Iraq and Kurdistan, amendments to an existing employment contract must normally be made by mutual agreement between workers and employers. Employers cannot unilaterally change employment contracts. A request for negotiation must be made in writing and a response must be sent within seven days of receipt. The union and the employer then generally have 14 days to negotiate in good faith for an agreement. The drug use of workers is regulated only to the extent that it concerns workers while they are in the workplace. How can employers change existing employment contracts? Employers can check the criminal record of workers or potential workers if their request is explicit and agreed in the employment contract or before the employment contract. Under the law, employers must negotiate a collective agreement when they receive such a request from a registered union representative representing more than 20% of the company`s employees. “Once this situation was clarified, the climate at the negotiating table became much healthier and warmer, which made it possible to tie the final details of the agreement together.

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