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Intercompany Ip License Agreement

The use, assignment, use and development of intellectual property is at the heart of most companies and enterprises in the world, given that it is the value created within the company on the basis of the leverage effect of the intellectual property it creates. There are certain ways to monetize intellectual property directly, often by license (use without ownership) or by assignment (transfer of ownership). While many companies use IP licensing agreements for internal company agreements, the use of one party`s IP by another can also be an important part of most trade agreements, as it sets out the rules and expectations for use. In the case of an intercompany transfer and license agreement, a royalty may also be agreed for the license among the intellectual property rights. Thus, the performance per company can be optimally coordinated within a group. In addition, the use of the intra-group transfer and licensing agreements of the group company, to which intellectual property rights and know-how are transferred, facilitates the granting of (broader) licences to other operating companies or third parties, facilitates the acquisition of investors and excludes intellectual property rights from the risk sector (e.g. B in the event of bankruptcy of an operating company). An interconfirm transfer and licensing agreement can also bring tax benefits. An intellectual property license agreement provides the parties with an enforceable and binding agreement to ensure that all parties are aware of their rights and obligations with each other and, most importantly, to protect both parties in the event of infringement or non-compliance.

As a general rule, an intercompanyed transfer and licensing agreement provides that all intellectual property rights developed by an operating company (e.g. B a trademark, patent, copyrighted work (e.g. software) and know-how are always automatically transferred to the group company where the intellectual property rights and know-how of the group companies (usually the holding company or a separate IP company) are located, which confers on the operating company a right to use that right and, where applicable, other intellectual property rights.

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