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Gcc-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (Gafta)

In 2019, imports of this agreement to Bahrain totalled $349 million, while exports amounted to $19 million $US. In addition, bilateral agreements on agricultural products have been concluded between three EFTA States and the GCC. Removes all trade barriers for services while opening up the U.S. market to Bahraini service providers. This offers Bahrain the opportunity to further develop its services, as providers can arrange services through a local presence or across borders. The free trade agreement between the GCC and the EFTA states was signed in June 2009 and includes 93 articles and 16 annexes covering trade in goods, trade in services, competition and more. In 2019, there were $836 million in imports and $792 million in exports from this agreement. The United States began in March 2005 with the United Arab Emirates on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). . . .

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