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Unison Pay Agreement 2020

Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Local Government – letter to trade unions, June 24, 2020 – to visit here. Temporary workers have probably calculated that they will recover something positive by forgoing sick and other benefits, so they are not sure why permanent social workers should bleed their hearts for locums. Some of you say that temporary workers control their wages and encourage us to leave our unions and negotiate our wages individually. What is interesting is that one wonders if the wage agreement applies to them. It is this thought that leaves me at least a little on my agency colleagues. We paid our taxes, we paid our NI when we didn`t get any improvement in our payment. We all live with the consequences of our choices. If you think you need “freedom” and “flexibility” to hope for a pay increase from your agency, don`t ride on the backs of my sub-unions. Of course, we are all social workers, but it seems that only some of us believe in solidarity. Employees will see their pay go back to April 2020, after representatives of the gmbh and Unite workers agreed to the terms. The offer was rejected by Unite, but the agreement was approved in accordance with the NJC Constitution, as the majority of the union parties accepted the terms of the agreement. In 1997, the NJC for Local Government Services agreed on a national framework that could bring about local changes to meet local service needs.

These salary and performance conditions, known as the Single Status Agreement, are published in the Green Paper. Employers Bulletin 16.04.2020 – National employers have submitted a definitive salary offer to unions representing key NJC employees, craftsmen, chief executives and chief officers. The attached circular contains the details. The NJC also agreed that, as of April 1, 2020, the minimum annual leave for workers under five years of service would be increased from 21 days to 22 days. The NJC is made up of representatives of UNISON and other unions as well as employers. The agreements they conclude at the end of their negotiations are included in the “Green Paper”.

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