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Lease Agreement In Uganda

Owning land is almost everyone`s dream. The situation and size of the country is an important factor in determining whether or not the land will be purchased. Today, most people prefer to own long-term land. This is one of the reasons why many people choose mailo or country property rather than get an onshore lease. A land lease agreement is a contract that allows the tenant to use the owner`s land for rent. Land leasing facilitates access to land use for a wide range of uses, from industry, housing to agriculture. What land rental means According to Mr. Jet Tumwebaze, managing partner of Kampala Associated Advocates, a lease is a form of property in which a property owner grants the right to another person, the exclusive holding of land for a certain period against a premium (rent of the land) also paid on an agreed date. The transaction is contractual in nature, so the parties can set the terms of access and use. The acquisition of a land lease can be done through a public authority or an individual, but it also depends on the land ownership. The Uganda Commission of Countries (ULC) and regional administrations are the main land control authorities that are responsible for leasing public land, while individuals are also at their convenience to lease their land as long as they have the necessary documents, such as a title of land. The rent for public land is 49 to 99 years, for private land, the initial term of the lease begins at five years.

For private land, the first five years will confirm a tenant`s willingness to use the country. The terms of renewal of the lease period depend in large part on how the taker complied with the contractual terms. As soon as a tenant acquires a lease of 49 years or more, he has the choice of renting the land to a third party for a term of less than 49 years. “If a person gets a lease from a supervisory authority such as the ULC or a district board, they have to go through a process to obtain a title,” says Tumwebaze. He adds that the law allows individuals to convert rental property into property, especially when the lease has been granted by the supervisory authorities. Signing a lease A lease agreement is primarily used to determine the relationship and to establish guidelines between a tenant and a taker, whether it is a private property or a public property.

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