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Atlas Copco Collective Agreement

One of the most important tasks of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers is to lay the foundations for a good and safe professional life by negotiating collective agreements. These agreements address issues such as working conditions, parental leave and occupational pensions. To see and calculate how your income would be affected in different situations, depending on whether or not you have a collective agreement, visit knegdeg.se, a website run by PTK on behalf of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers and other organizations. If you work for a company without a collective agreement, there may be a good level of benefits in the form of a work-last pension solution, parental leave pay supplements and annual salary review. As a general rule, they are governed by a directive developed by the employer. Therefore, the employer can decide unilaterally and at any time to change the terms of the worst – without negotiating with you. We offer support and advice to our members on these issues. It is important to determine which collective agreement applies to your position so that you can learn more about your working conditions. Collective agreements can make a big difference to your portfolio. For example, workers who have a collective agreement receive higher benefits when they stay at home with sick children, if they themselves become ill or are unhappy enough to suffer a workplace injury.

Their pension is also positively influenced by collective agreements, and the difference can amount to hundreds of thousands of kronor on the day of their working wine trip. Your employment contract defines the agreements that you and your employer have entered into that cover, in addition to the collective agreement, areas such as employment, form of employment, salary, overtime and all benefits. If you do not have a collective agreement, your employment contract must contain everything that is part of the collective agreement to allow you to work on a level playing field. Local collective agreements can also apply in your workplace, which complement the rules of the central collective agreement and offer better conditions, such as additional parental leave benefits, skills development or flexible hours. Find out what`s going on for you by talking to elected representatives of graduates in your workplace. 7 10 Accountability Accountability 11 Code Board of Atlas Copco AB Business Integrity Wherever we are active, our reputation is a valuable asset and is determined by our actions. We will avoid any action that compromises the respect of the group. We have high standards of business and personnel ethics; We respect our internal policies and, of course, we comply with all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. We do not tolerate bribery and corruption, including facilitated payments.

Decisive action will be taken in the event of an infringement. We are committed to honesty in all situations and renounce interests contrary to the interests of the group. We support and aim for fair competition and, therefore, refuse to enter into discussions or agreements with competitors on pricing, market allocation or similar activities. Business gifts or hospitality are offered or accepted only in accordance with local business laws and practices. We respect the company`s assets and protect all tangible and intangible assets of the group from loss, theft and abuse. Lobbying is mainly through representation by or by trade and other non-governmental organizations. The group does not take political positions. Therefore, we do not use group money or assets to support political campaigns or candidates or to provide other services for political purposes.

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