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Roz Shares: I Decided NOT Too

A week or so ago I decided to take 30 days to evaluate what it is I want to do and how I could fix or eliminate  those things that are not working for me.

It’s been about 10 days so far and I have not even begun to evaluate ~ thus the 30 days will be extended.  REMEMBER: This exercise was to “eliminate ALL stress and ALL pressure while making life-changing decisions!”

The first week was taken up with personal business that needed taking care of.  Ordinarily I would have been stressed just taking the time, but since I’ve “given myself the gift of time” it was not stressful at all ~a little wasteful, but not stressful. 

One day was spent waiting around at a government office to have some information updated.  Just as it was my next “the computers went down!”  Since it was a long trip, I decided to hang around a bit, but they never came back up and I had to return two days later.  At which time I waited some more and when called I was told I had to come back late November.  While it was wasteful in one area, it was informative in others.  AND… I even got to get out and enjoy the wonderful New York weather and get some much needed exercise.  SEE… “I’ve already begun to put a positive spin on a negative situation.”  Just that demonstrated TO ME… I was beginning to think differently. 

The past few days have been taken up with horrendous activities like: Watching TV, eating, sleeping and doing a repeat performance a few times a day ~with a little computer time in between. Don’t ya just feel sorry for me? ;)  The point is, I have not even begun to evaluate anything except the fact I’m tired and “I just want to re-learn how to just be!” I can’t stay at the computer for more than a little while without feeling like I need to escape!  For me… just feeling that is odd.


It’s interesting…  Since I am taking this vacation of sorts “at home” I’m feeling guilty just lounging around.

IF I were away at a resort I would just veg out on a chaise lounge with NO guilt.  I wish I could figure out why relaxing when away at a resort is ok, but relaxing at home is not ~This IS VERY IMPORTANT!  What have “I done to myself?”

Adding blogging each day would just recreate the pressure I’m trying to remove. 


To eliminate any stress of “having to do ANYTHING at all” I’ve decided NOT to blog each day.  I’m  just taking notes and observing the journey.  So far “I’m just being!”  That’s not a bad place to be, but I still do not feel up to doing much more!  Thus… I decided to write this blog post to eliminate the stress of breaking the promise of blogging each day, besides some things really are personal!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  Please type them in the Comments Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

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