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Roz Rants: Sexy Bookmarks And The Facebook Like Button Are Turning My Hyphens and Quotes Into GobbledyGook – Come Follow Along To Find Out What Happens!

Last week started out to be a strange week and it ended the same way, but…  all’s well that ends well!  Everything works out for good in the end!  I have one question though:  “When does this episode end?”

Here is my latest challenge.

When I use hyphens, quotes, etc. in my blog post titles they are replaced with crazy coding like ASCII Text.

This happened with WordPress 2.9.2 and now with WordPress 3.0.1. So it is NOT version specific.  It is also NOT theme specific.

After much investigation I did find one of my blogs that works correctly and it was suggested by Lisa Sabin-Wilson – Author of WordPress For Dummies 3.0 (@LisaSabinWilson on Twitter); and Cathy Perkins aka The WordPress Wizard (@WordPressWizard on Twitter) — two WordPress Gurus that this is/can be a database issue.

I’ve written my host and sent him the video below to demonstrate my issue and ask for his help and input!

As they say:  A picture speaks a thousand words, that’s why I’m including it here in case anyone else is or will be experiencing this issue in the future.

VIEWING NOTE:  In this case, since it is my computer screen… You might want to watch the video on YouTube where you can see it more clearly.  BELOW is the direct link to the YouTube.com version.



I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject.  Please type them in the Comments Box below. I look forward to sharing with you. Let’s create a “community of encouragement and inspiration!”

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1 Faith Barnard { 08.17.10 at 12:22 am }

Roz, very interesting. I’ll have to get Larry to check this out. Maybe he’ll have an idea on this. Challenging to save the least. Great video.


2 Roz Fruchtman { 09.06.10 at 4:23 am }

Hi Faith:

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

I’ve still not resolved the issue. I made some changes and am working around it, but I sure wish I could get an answer as to what’s what. Some of my blogs work and some do not. I changed the version of PHP and it fixed the problem in one of them, but it did not fix it for the posts that were done before. I’m completely lost, but for now I’m just moving on and use other characters in my titles to not have those strange characters I demonstrate in my video.

Most of the time when I ask a question I feel like I’m talking to air! Maybe people just don’t know the answers! ;(


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