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Friday’s Quote – The Gift of Joy

I hope you will agree with me in my thought that Gratitude and Joy are intertwined!  The best part ~ BOTH are FREE Gifts we can give others as well as ourselves!

Dr. Phil shares a phrase from time to time on his show: “Sometimes we have to give ourselves what we would like to receive from others!”  It’s a powerful thought…  LOVE begins with us!

Feeling blue? Don’t wait for another to cheer you up…  Go for a walk, enjoy nature, put on your favorite music, watch a movie, have a good cry ~BUT in the end, pick yourself up and begin again!  The road of time is a “one-way street” we only get to travel once!

Friday’s  Quote

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness you are able to give. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

The gift of JOY comes in many shapes and forms:  The gift of knowledge which helps another out in times of frustration; an unexpected eCard with shows thought and going the extra mile to choose an appropriate design; an email which also demonstrates thought of the recipient; or a phone call which takes more time, but makes connection more personal and powerful, etc. (These are just examples of course and the list goes on for miles!)

ANOTHER  THOUGHT ~ We do not always have a lot of time, BUT… In our electronic age we enjoy the gift — or is it s gift — of multi-tasking!  Sometimes it takes less than a minute or two, to get something off, to let others know we are thinking of them!

Looking forward to your comments.  Please respond in the comment  box below.

Enjoy you day!

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Roz Fruchtman